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Downton Abbey 30 Day Challenge

2. Favourite Male Character: Tom Branson

That one is easy. My favourite character of the show since the day he showed up. Cheeky, passionate, honest, intelligent, goodnatured and loveable. Tom Branson charmed me from the moment he came into the library and my love for him hasn’t wavered since.

To me he has the most interesting and compelling storyline in the show. His love story with Sybil, then her tragic death and his suffering from the loss he had to endure, his brave life after Sybil, soldering on for his little daughter, trying to get back on his feet and trying to find happiness again: I’m with him every step of the way and I’m as addicted to his story as I was in the beginning. He’s the reason I watch Downton Abbey and I hope the future has good things in store for him!

Downton Abbey 30 Day Challenge

1. Favourite Female Charachter: Elsie Hughes

I thought long about this one. At first I wanted to say “Sybil”, but then I realized that after 4 series I have to go with Mrs Hughes.

I loved her from series 1. She’s tolerant, honest, has a sense of humor and a good heart. She is the person you can go to when you need help and everyone in the house knows it.

I love her relationship with Tom Branson. She is like a mother to him. It is obvious from series 1, that she likes him. She is the first who notices his love for Sybil and she warns him, but she doesn’t give him away. When tragedy strikes an he loses Sybil, she is the one to give him comfort. When he is in a scrape, she is the one he goes to.

I’m not so keen on her “romance” with Mr. Carson. I love them as friends and I love how she manages to make him a better person. But I think she is too good for him, actually. I would prefer for them to remain friends.

A truly fabulous woman!


Allen getting his model face on (x)

The smolder!


I like to imagine that he’s doing his Fellowes impression in the second pic. X

He certainly is!!


imageDownton Abbey - Favourite Ships:

“Leech observed, “(Sarah) spurs in (Tom) a notion of, ‘Maybe there’s more to life than just this house. Maybe there’s more to me than just being an estate manager,’ and the potential for him to go further afield with (his daughter) Sybbie, and possibly try to new things, is definitely a major thing for Tom through series five.””

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That’s what she is there for. And he will find new meaning in his life. Just not with her!