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Allen Leech looking snuggly in a turtleneck behind the scenes of In Fear.


Allen Leech looking snuggly in a turtleneck behind the scenes of In Fear.


I just can’t get over Allen’s arms…

Prince George on a playdate in New Zealand (9/4/14)

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Anonymous asked: I'm curious as to how you find out so much - for example you knew that Allen Leech went to Ireland because of someone on the plane. Your powers of search are so much greater than mine. Did the plane mate give any comments on Allen?

It’s easy. Twitter is my friend, LOL.

I did a search for #Allen Leech on Saturday morning and someone tweeted an apology to Allen, that he was such an awful seatmate on the flight to Dublin “yesterday”. Obviously his seat broke and his jacket landet in Al’s eyes, etc etc.

So that’s how I knew that Allen had gone to Dublin on Friday. I assumed it was for the IFTA of course, but obviously he went to an old friend’s wedding instead.



if you live with a cat, you have had this conversation. 


SO true!

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Aww, Allen didn’t win.

Aww, too bad. He’s overdue winning! But to be honest: Last year he should have won. This year he didn’t have that much to show.

Well, good for him he went to the wedding instead. I hope he has a blast!

I don’t even know Jamie whatever…

but these FSOG fans are really getting on my nerves on twitter. I get it. He’s the best thing since the invention of human being. But could they please stop spamming the IFTA twitter for a second. Can’t they just voice their adoration somewhere else??


Allen just tweeted he won’t be at the IFTAs today :(

So no new bow tie pics for us, but hopefully still an award for him.

He’s at a wedding in Dublin obviously. Tricky Allen!

Pressing my fingers for him anyway!